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Dave Hughes life, lineage and legacy - as soldier, scholar, poet, pioneer and visionary.


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There are now a number of standard MP4 Videos accompanying stories here.


Latest is "6 Guys from Company K" a video interviewing 6 guys by me, their combat Company Commander in the 7th Cavalry in the Korean War in 1951. Taken this August 2012. To see it click here -> '6 Guys'


Rotating pictures from our August Reunion in Reno below


Me and Sgt Montano. He survived  with me on Hill 347 Dave Jr and Herb B.... He was wounded on 5 Oct, 51 on Rye


4times. NowPHDpsychologist          

Swapping Lies and War Stories in the Reunion Rooms in Reno
My Briefing at Reunion of what happened in Sept-Oct '51 that we 7th Cav guys went thru

From Hill 339 to 347 defeating 2 Chinese Battalions (1,200 men)

Trenches where 600 Chinese defended

Hill 347, above Pork Chop Hill

Taking Hill 347 - K Company's last big fight - 15 men, no officers but me left. But all our Missions accomplished. Chinese whipped. Gary Owen! Two of our 192 Prisoners of war off 347 Me grim after Hill 339 and our 54 Casualties over 7 days - with my trusty Thompson MG and Chinese whistle


Korean War 7th Cav guys at B-Bque

Jack Cauley - in the War from August 1950 and on the  Pusan Perimiter


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