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Here is a very short video I took of wife Patsy and myself together. Tricky to set up the video camera to do this. But it is an ok view of our life as he both aged. I was 79, Patsy 78.


Just Click here on "Two Love Birds"



In 2006, Jack Price, Class of 1964, who created the large West Point Web site for all grads, visited us in Old Colorado City just for over night

This is a short Video Clip of he and his wife Sam when I gave him a walking tour of Old Colorado City.

He paused and told me we had bees - he is a Bee Keeper back in Virginia.

This is about the only video in which he appears. The narration is self explanatory.


Click Here For Video




This next video is named our 'Last Family Christmas 2009' - which is the last time before Patsy sickened and

died in 2011, when we had the usual Family Christmas at our house.


It is a 9 mimute video.


Click on this


Our Last Family Christmas Video




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