David R Hughes early life

The Ranch and Englewood

Father’s Family – Wales ->

Mother’s Family – Sayre ->


Death of my Father

The Ed and Arleen Hughes Home Colorado Springs

Denver Homes and Schooling

Entering West Point


David Hughes Military Career

West Point Years

Enroute to Korean War

Korean War Service

Fort Benning Years


Simpson Family ->

Child David ->

Graduate Degree and West Point

Child Rebecca ->

Hawaii and the 25th Division

New Zealand


Fort Leavenworth Command School

Child Edward ->

Pentagon Assignments

Army War College

Vietnam War Command and Staff

Fort Carson Command and Staff

Voluntary Army Initiative

Retirement Decision


David Hughes Retirement Years

Interest in Old Colorado City

Technology Reputation and company

Big Sky Telegraph Project

Family Tracing into Wales and Trips ->

National Science Foundation Project

Building the Historical Society and Center

Married Children Return ->


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