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After our family moved to Colorado Springs after I retired in 1973, and in particular after we moved to the Westside - Old Colorado City - in 1977 Rebecca started dating.

Rod Wright. He, taught her scuba diving, which they did on several trips. They decided to get married in March, 1980. They had a small wedding in the pretty 'Chapel of the Pines' which was up Ute Pass, off Highway 24 near the exit for the Pikes Peak hill climb road.

There was a reception at our House in Old Colorado City.

That marriage did not last. By 1981 it was over.


Rebecca was then courted by Mike Grossman. He was a security manager for Inmos Corporation - a local Colorado Springs high tech company. Personally he was more into the western lifestyle and dress They visited Cripple Creek and watched rodeos.  

He had moved to Colorado from Missouri in part to track and help out his aging dad.

They were married in January 1982 by a Fort Carson Chaplain we had known well when I was stationed there. The one thing that was unusual about that wedding was that the bride and groom were mounted on horses for the ceremony.

They first lived in several apartments, including Stepping Stones apartments on the westside. he still with his Inmos job. Rebecca worked for Ricks Nursery (garden supplies). Mike needed more space for his things than they had room for in the small apartments available then.

They decided they needed to buy a house. As luck would have it they were able to take advantage of a program under the Neighborhood Housing Service which Wes Colbrunn and I had gotten the NHS and City to adapt what we did to make it affordable for small businesses to buy buildings in Old Colorado City commercial district into the surrounding, still blighted residential 'Westside.'  It would use Hud Block Grant funds linked to conventional bank or S&L loans to make run down westside houses needing 'sweat equity' to be affordable to buy middle and lower-middle income people. (The city already had very low interest loans for very low income persons or families who owned very run down homes, and needed foundation work in the Westside which sat on expansible clay that dislodged, over decades, the homes.)

So they bought 115 on North 15th Street in 1986. Second daughter Lindsey was born while they lived there and put lots of effort into the house that became a very nice 'historical' house on the street.

But that marriage did not last either and they were divorced after Mike lost his job at Inmos as that company went down the tube.

She tried her hand at several jobs, and one series paid off.  She had taken some courses at Pikes Peak Community College - at first in the investigations business, but then I invited her to attend courses I was teaching at Colorado Technical College about computer communications.

I knew that the future of many jobs was going to be powered by Microcomputers coupled with telecommunications. She began to learn on my Radio Shack Model III computer, with Visicalc spread sheets, and by advice from Wes Colbrunn how she could get into running her own small business accounting operation. By then the then Manitou Mayor, Russ Lewis, who had worked at programming in his Air Force Career, had written a new program that did accounting on a Radio Shack computer.

She installed that and soon was doing accounting for a series of  Westside Veterinarians in small animal clinics who wanted to 'computerize' their business but did not know how. She started digging out of her financial hole.   

A chance encounter of Rebecca with a retired Army general officer in the bleachers at an Army-Air Force  football game in Colorado Springs led to her landing her a significant job. She was sitting in the stands on the Army side of the field when the retired West Point graduate about the class of 1959 struck up a conversation with her. He learned that I was retired West Point graduate David Hughes who had taught his class - and he - English at West Point 30 years before. He had been so impressed with me then, that when he learned she was looking for accounting-type work, based on her self-employment contracting experience and education, she had gotten from me, Wes Colbrun,  and taking some credits from Colorado Technical College, in accounting using microcomputer software, he offered her introductions for an interview with Otis Elevator - the company where he was a a senior executive.

She flew to Seattle where she was interviewed. They wanted her, so she then Interned for a month at an Otis offices in San Fransisco.

Then Rebecca  moved, with her daughters to Edmonds, Washington near Seattle in 1990. And took up a quite responsible financial management job with good pay and benefits.

She had found her niche.

And during her stay in and around Seattle, she found, not only an import store  that featured Welsh goods, which became a source of my purchases for grandchildren about Wales - their ancestry. But she even met an LDS Researcher who was an expert on 'Welsh Non Conformist Churches' going back into the 1600. She bought his book, asked questions, and discovered the names, and place locations, of Chapels and Church when our Welsh Calvinist Hughes fore bearers preached from the early 1600 through 1870 when they emigrated to America.

That book, more than any other, became the key to our trip over Christmas and New Years 1998 to Wales - Rebecca and I, where we found every place they had lived, bore the 9 children they came to America with (the 2 year old youngest, Ebenezer, my grandfather who homesteaded in Colorado in 1898)

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