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                                         Several Projects in 'El Valee'

I did telecommunications work in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, several times.

First helping organizations in Alamosa, start up the first computer Bulletin Board (BBS) in the valley in the 1980s.

Then I returned after I was awarded the National Science Foundation grant in 1993 for experiments in connecting up valley schools Wirelessly to the Internet.

Below are two PDF files that were posted on servers at West Point, to support my being nominated for a Distinguished Graduate awars, one from Noel Dunne of the valley, the other from me. One is named 'La Cocina Net' and the other 'Resolana Electronica'

They tell the story as succinctly as one would need it. Just click on one, then the other.

My efforts, not only to educate the Valley residents about the value of telecommunications via small computers, but to spur development by entrepeneurs of valley-wide network connections to the only high speed cross-valley Inter-Net. One which sprung up offering Internet to anyone with a computer and at least a Modem connected to the US West voice telephone network named itself 'Amigo-Net.' It lasted for many years as the lowest cost connection to the Internet. 


La Cocina Net

La Resolana Electronica

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