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Yes, I have been recognized numerous times for what I managed to accomplish over my 85+ years of life. Several honors that I got mean more to me than the others. Here are my thoughts on those most memorable awards.

1. I consider being named a 'Distinguished West Point Graduate' in my 76th year is my most cherished recognition. Being named, in 2004, one of  seven as only the 9th Colonel so honored since the award was created by the West Point Association of Graduates was both stunning and astonishing for me. Largely because being selected while most senior general officers have been anointed before me was humbling. Yes, I knew that I had survived two wars - Korea and Vietnam and happened to have been awarded by the Army more combat decorations for valor than any of my Class of 1950 fellow officers, but the DG is awarded for a lifetime of accomplishments, including in civilian life after military retirement that had nothing to do with my military service years. My nomination detailed a whole range of civilian activities that, I suppose, can be classified as 'electronic frontier pioneering' far ahead of the public's awakening to, and embracing such new communications tools as the Internet. 

2. I suppose I am most humbled by receiving, in 1993, the Electronic Frontier Foundations 'Pioneer' award. For my fellow recipients that year included the most accomplished technical scientists - Vint Cerf who invented the absolutely seminal 'TCP/IP' core of the entire Internet. And Paul Baran, who had invented 'packet switching' without which even the Internet would not be what it is today.

3. Then I cherish the 1999 Colorado Preservation Award for my 34 years of effort to 'preserve' the history - from its architecture to its almost totally forgotten and ignored - by 1976 - original Colorado City History. 

4. The Recognition by HUD of the innovative way I combined Block Grant Funds, SBA loans, and Historic Preservation, to Redevelop - economically - the distressed Westside of Colorado Springs was heartwarming.

5. As was recognition by the Federal National Bicentennial Administration of my rescuing the faltering Colorado Springs and El Paso County's 1976 Centennial-Bicentennial celebration.

6. And then, the simple act by the City of Colorado Springs, under Mary Lou Makepeace, Mayor to legally name a landscaped public right of way in Old Colorado City "Dave Hughes Cyberpath' in 1998  -  putting up a bronze plaque with my email address in bronze - was recognition that I had used the earliest computer and telecommunications technologies to bring back an historic district from the rubbish bin of the past.

7. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the act by the Student Body of Westside's Coronado High School in honoring me as their 2010 "Westside Recipient' for my 35 years revitalizing Old Colorado City and the Westside. They did that by making me grand marshal of their Homecoming Football Parade in the morning and honoring me at halftime in their September 16, 2010 football game

You can see that in a 3 minute video right here. Click on "Coronado Honors

8.  I was highly honored by Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach, on July 1st, 2013, after my 85th Birthday, when in a ceremony in the Old Colorado City Historical Society Center, by being named the First Recipient of the Mayor's 'Inspirational Leader Award' in Colorado Springs' for my over-35 years effort to Revitalize Historic Old Colorado City. He presented me with the etched Glass Award with the words "I can't thank you enough. I know some people helped, but it wouldn't have happened without you." 

9. On March 12th, 2014, I was honored by being placed on the Military Hall of Honor, a national hall honoring Military War Veterans


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