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A 2003 50minute Television e-fro Program Over BBC-Wales

You need to think twice before you click on this large (100 megabyte) Video Program.

It is very very good 49 minute program in three parts (in Spoken Welsh with English Subtitles) that educated everyone in Wales in 2003 on their national television what the totally new - to the UK (then) - Wi-Fi wireless that I was paid to demonstrate and lecture 12 times in 2002 to various audiences in Wales, on how, and why it could cheaply deliver Broadband Internet Service to every Welsh Farmhouse, home, Pub, or business, bypassing the hated British Telecom (BT) with its costly and poor, (and only available in cities), ADSL. A quasi-broadband service.

Wi-Fi the way I showed them how to do it was a potential communications revolution in Wales.

The special Documentary covers all the way from me in Old Colorado City, Colorado, through Northern Wales, to the annual Eisteddfod Festival at St Davids. It is in the Welsh Language but with very accurate and useful English Subtitle.

You can use a slide on your player to move ahead through the 100 megabyte file, but it will have to 'buffer' for a few seconds to catch up before it resumes playing.   

If you click on this, it should start playing within 10-25 seconds after saying its 'Connecting'. Whether it plays satisfactorily, may depend on the speed of your internet connection from home, school, or office. It is a 50 minute television movie.

Click here to access the MP4 video.

e-fro (in Welsh ffordd lyedan) 



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