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Leavenworth and more Schooling

When we were ordered to Fort Leavenworth for me to take the year long Command and General Staff Course, we got our little Morris Minor back to the United States, and our household goods out of storage and shipped to our on-post quarters, we were beginning to feel like 'old hands' at this Army moving.

While the card, below, my dear Patsy gave to me on our anniversary day in 1988, it summed up what life was like as an Army family. 



Yep! And it was when we got settled into Leavenworth with our 10 years of furniture and collections from our and my travels, that I realized with a start one morning over coffee, that I was already 34 years old! An old man too old for fighting wars on my feet?

Hmm. I hope not. Besides we had two wonderful kids to raise. And by the time I thought that, Patsy was pregnant again! Hoorah. I was relieved that her losing a fetus in a miscarriage in Hawaii was not an indication of something seriously wrong.

We were reminded of all that could go wrong during a pregnancy, when a classmate's wife who had served in Germany, rather than in the Far East where we served, had a deformed 'Thaladomide' baby. A drug given to many women in Europe during pregnancy for morning sickness, but resulting in many deformed babies.

It was pulled from the shelves after an epidemic of deformed babies, but the damage was done for that classmate - a Major as I was - and his wife. They lived in our same cluster of quarters.

To their GREAT credit, they loved that child and cared for her without reservation. Even 15 years later when were on another post, they were there and happily coping.

But enough of the sad news.


Rebecca remembers: "At least this is how I remember it at age 5 to 6:.

"In this photo, mom is looking a little peaked. That's because she was pregnant with Edward in the fall of 1962.

I should have known something was going to happen because mom used to exercise with Jack LaLanne every morning on the 'hidden' TV (behind a closet door since our parents did not believe we should be watching that awful box.)

While mom would do situps, I'd sit on her stomach and giggle. Mom said I was a big help.

Pretty soon, she was no longer doing situps, and her belly got big.

Next thing you know,  Edward was born."

Rebecca remembers 1963 Taken at Leavenworth on my 6th birthday. About 10 days before Ed was born.

Of course mom would buy me a baby doll carriage~~her influence started early on me."


And she points out that my hand made large Bozak speakers are in the background with the Wi-Fi radio in view.

And I recall:

This was the year of the Cuban Missile Crises - which we monitored while in Class.

Edward Justin Hughes was born on May 8th, 1963 at Fort Leavenworth. I had plucked his middle name out of history - the great law giver Justinian.


And so, for Mom Patsy and with her little helper Becky, much of the rest of the Leavenworth Year was spent tending to little Edward's growth.

Now, no family members visited us at Leavenworth that year of 1962-1963. They knew we lived in somewhat small quarters with our bedroom, one room for David and another for Becky. And Edward slept in a crib at the foot of our bed.

But they knew we would be on the road again in the summer of 1963,  and would be visiting them sooner or later, as our military assignments took us from one end of the country to another.

So, except for my keeping my nose to the studies grindstone, life was pretty uneventful that year.

About the only family news was our formal portrait when at  Leavenworth


 The most exitement came when my Orders came, telling us to report to the Army Staff in the Pentagon, for my next assignment.

For the question was where to live and whether to rent or buy.

Classmate Paul Gorman had already been in the Pentagon a year, lived and had bought an acceptable house on Bradley Circle, Annandale, Virginia. He thought we too could buy there.

And so we did - two doors from the Gormans.

And we were off  again after my Leavenworth Graduation.

Here is an excellent picture of young David and his Mom

David and Mom

David remembers " 

 As far as this photo goes, I remember those glasses very well and am trying to remember, where.  I remember the feeling I had when I was told I needed glasses and being very unhappy about it.  Later, I remember it turns out I didn't quite need them as much and for whatever reason today believe my vision hovers slightly above the 20-20 area tho I sense change may be coming.   I want to say this is Leavenworth because I remember the facilities and the trees of Leavenworth,  but Rebecca is right and it may be just before that."

Enroute to the Pentagon

Enroute to Annandale from Kansas to the Pentagon, we took a summer vacation break in Denver. Part of the families met with Aunt Arleen at the Petroleum Club.


Everyone was dressed up - especially Aunt Arleen - for a change. Bette and Jay Sproul family is on the far right. Patsy, David next with Becky across the table. Then the Warren Wilson Family - on Arleen's side of her family - on the left with Warren smiling, and two children. They were obviously visiting in Colorado - for everybody visited Aunt Arleen and her mansion in the summers.


Arleen and Becky, Jay, Steve,Karen, David, and two of Warren Wilsons kids


Steve, David, Jay Goofballs


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