The Cadet Pointer

The Pointer Magazine was, and probably still is, West Point's undergraduate, student written and edited, monthly magazine.

It was published by the Moore Publishing Company of Cornwall, New York. Cornwall is just the other side of Storm King Mountain just north of West Point.

George Moore the owner of the publishing house was more than just a businessman. He also sold the ads that helped subsidize the magazine which was delivered, free, to all 2,500 cadets in their rooms. He was a mentor to the cadets - for he knew, even more than the Tactical 'Officer in Charge' of the Pointer who was the defacto censor - what the cadets could get away with in their stories. Whether too risque, or in really bad taste. After all, it might be only the 'undergraduate' magazine for West Point as a 'college' but it represented the decorum of the Academy.




By the beginning academic year in the fall of 1949, our Class of '50 provided the editors and principle writers and illustrators. By that time my photographic reputation and growing body of free verse pieces that related to Cadet Life made me the Assistant Editor of the Pointer. Paul Gorman, classmate and fellow F2 company member became Editor - and set out to report on 'Post WWII Europe' from his  official trip there, followed by he and I bumming around Rome, Frankfurt, London while I produced the photographs to support it.

Below is Paul Gorman, Editor at right, me, Associate and Photography Editor with Beret, and Mac McColough - the greatest cartoonist the Pointer ever had. He was killed on Mount Baldy while I was fighting on Mount Bloody Baldy October, 1951.

The Pointer Magazine Triumverate 


But I had a wider imagination on how to 'cover' Cadet Life by unusual photos, high quality photos and then even coupled with verse.

Below are samples of what I got into the Pointer over the fall to spring,


Marty Maher



The legendary Irishman, Marty Maher. Once a Sergeant, the rest of his life an informal councillor to cadets. So well known a book was written about him "Bringing Up the Brass" for the number of Generals who credit Marty for his wise advice to stressed cadets.

Pete Monfore - Classmate



Cadet Pete Monfore - Eastern Collegiate Heavyweight Champion Boxer. Was killed in action on Hearbreak Ridge, Korea, 1951. Received Posthumous Distinguished Service Cross.


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